Brand Activation with results

Our Audience

TWP Water transcends borders to reach millions of individuals across the globe. From office spaces to universities, gyms to hotels, our innovative advertising platform places your message directly on TWP Water bottles, ensuring your brand is in the hands of your precise target demographic. The result? A strengthened bond of loyalty and a future filled with increased purchases.

We don't just deliver your brand message; we deliver results.

Through comprehensive reporting, we provide you with valuable insights, including data from completed questionnaires, client testimonials, user-generated content (UGC), and a holistic overview of the impact created.
make an impact where your customers are

TWP’s Global Reach

TWP Water reaches millions of office workers, students, gym members, and hotel guests worldwide. We place your message directly on TWP Water bottles, delivering your brand into the hands of your target demographic, fostering loyalty and future purchases.

We report the success of the campaign back into you, which contains all the data from completed questionnaire, client testimonials, UGC generated, and a complete overview of the impact created.

cut through ad-saturation

Office Environments

In today’s marketing-saturated world, the office environment remains a rare space with minimal advertising clutter. Here’s where TWP Water makes a difference. Your brand can capture the undivided attention of millions of office workers, students, hotel guests, and gym members worldwide, creating a lasting impression.

Once companies have opted-in to your activation, we take care of all logistics and fulfillment of the campaign, ensuring you put your brand in front of consumers at an optimal time of day that best aligns with your brand messages.

get the results your aiming for

Targeted Partnerships

We connect your brand with HR managers, businesses, and universities looking to reward their internal community and boost morale. Through these partnerships, we target the best locations and get your products into the hands of your ideal demographic.

Brands can impact their ideal consumer by profiling our network of millions of consumers via a number of different parameters; Geographic Regions, Gender, Age, Business Sectors, Job title and other bespoke criteria.

Forging a Global Impact

TWP Water’s global reach is not just about advertising; it’s about creating connections that transcend borders and cultures. We’re here to help your brand make a global impact, and the possibilities are boundless.

Our targeted partnerships open doors to ideal consumers and provide you with the tools to make a lasting impression. The impact is real, the results are tangible, and the world is your canvas.

Join us on this journey of global advertising and discover the power of TWP Water. Let’s make your brand a global success, one bottle at a time.