Augmented Reality Integration

The Work Perk Water can elevate your brand’s presence and engagement through the power of AR QR Codes seamlessly embedded in your The Work Perk Water advertisement.

This transformative technology brings a 3D Augmented Reality experience directly to your audience, no app downloads or special devices required.

How AR Integration Works

The AR QR Code will be placed on your The Work Perk Water advert. This code contains all the information needed to generate a mesmerising AR 3D experience.

No dedicated app required; simply scan the code on any smartphone or AR/VR headset with capabilities like the Apple Vision Pro.

AR QR Codes work effortlessly across Android, iOS, iPadOS, and visionOS devices by default.

Ensure your message reaches a broad audience, with immersive AR rendering supported on iOS, iPadOS (≥ 13.0), visionOS (≥ 1.0), and Android (≥ 9.0).

Even older device versions can enjoy the magic of AR through WebAR rendering.

Compatible with Android (> 4.4) and iOS (> 11.0) devices, using AR.js technology with an AR marker.

Scanning the AR QR code not only brings up the product or display, but also a clickable call to action button that can be linked to any product page, data capture, or other designated website. This provides you with a fully interactive and  trackable link to potential customers.

Types of AR available

Social Media AR Integration

Leverage the power of social media AR ecosystems with filters from major platforms like Lens Studio for Snapchat Lenses and Spark AR for Facebook, Messenger and Instgram AR effects.

Types of AR available

Immersive AR Experiences

Transport your audience into a world of possibilities with 3D objects, animations, photogrammatic 3D scans, and even VR immersion.

Types of AR available

Flying Over AR

Showcase videos, 3D models, or remote data soaring above an AR QR Code. This function allows you to incorporate wider marketing assets, such as TV adverts or social media content, into your The Work Perk Water campaign.

Let's Get Started

Embark on a journey with The Work Perk Water, where augmented reality brand activation is placed directly into your customers hands. Elevate your brand’s visibility, make a fun and positive impact, and contribute to a sustainable and philanthropic future.

Join us on this journey of global advertising and discover the power of The Work Perk Water and augmented reality. Let’s make your brand a global success, one bottle at a time.