A targeted advertising platform combining philanthropy & sustainability.

At TWP Water, we’ve reimagined advertising, turning premium spring water into an engaging canvas for your brand while making a positive impact on the world.

Advertising & Impact

What Is TWP Water?

TWP Water provides a unique opportunity for brands to create memorable and impactful connections with their audience. With QR codes, we offer an interactive canvas for your brand’s message. By distributing ad-supported TWP Water you gain access to a powerful, eco-friendly advertising channel.

The 'TWP Water' Difference

Sustainability, Philanthropy & Premium Quality

Our commitment goes beyond advertising. For every campaign, we donate a percentage of the profit, making a tangible difference in the fight against global water scarcity.

TWP Water is not just an advertising platform; it’s a sustainable choice. Our packaging is 100% recyclable Tetra Water Cartons or Aluminium Cans.

Our water is sourced from pristine natural springs, and our containers are BPA-free.

Beyond the premium quality, we challenge the exorbitant costs of bottled water, which can be 2,000 times more expensive than tap water.

make an impact where your customers are

TWP’s Global Reach

TWP Water reaches millions of office workers, students, gym members, and hotel guests worldwide. We place your message directly on TWP Water bottles, delivering your brand into the hands of your target demographic, fostering loyalty and future purchases.

We report the success of the campaign back into you, which contains all the data from completed questionnaire, client testimonials, UGC generated, and a complete overview of the impact created.

get the results your aiming for

Targeted Partnerships

We connect your brand with HR managers, businesses, and universities looking to reward their internal community and boost morale. Through these partnerships, we target the best locations and get your products into the hands of your ideal demographic.

Brands can impact their ideal consumer by profiling our network of millions of consumers via a number of different parameters; Geographic Regions, Gender, Age, Business Sectors, Job title and other bespoke criteria.